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Analysis: Confetti

Welcome to the Virtual Event Platform Review Series where we take a look at a major product on the market and share what there is to like, what is not so great and why it might be right for you (or not). Each platform is given a rating in four categories:

  1. Organizer Experience,
  2. Attendee Experience,
  3. Speaker Experience and
  4. Sponsor Experience.

The final score is the average of the ratings, plus our thoughts on what types of events the platform could be a good fit for.

In this article, we review the pros and cons of another player in the virtual event market: Confetti.

Organizer Experience

Pros: Because Confetti was created by event organizers for event organizers, the platform does a good job addressing the needs and wants of this audience. The pricing model is transparent. Plus, the platform’s list of features and customizations is extensive — giving event organizers an inside look into what the platform offers up front. Confetti also offers organizers the option to test the platform by hosting up to two events for free on their reduced-feature version before upgrading to a feature-rich plan in the future. Additionally, for a majority of features, the Confetti team addresses the most common questions with a small “FAQ” button next to each feature. When you click the FAQ button, it explains what the feature is and how event organizers can use it.

Cons: Confetti has little to no recent social media activity on any platform and very few comments on popular review sites. With such little information from the public, it’s hard to determine what users have thought about the platform. Confetti has a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, G2 and Capterra, but information has not been updated in years. Additionally, because the Confetti team is based in Sweden and has not hosted many — if any — North American-based events, the time difference between asking a question and getting a response from a support team member could be detrimental to a live event hosted in the United States. While Confetti has a long list of customizations and features under their belt, event organizers are still required to take it upon themselves to provide coaching and assistance to their attendees about how to use the platform and how to troubleshoot any issues they may be having.

Rating: 3/5

Attendee Experience

Pros: Confetti is relatively transparent for attendees. The website outlines clear terms and GDPR compliance for attendees curious about what the platform will do with their data. The website also explains what attendees can control when they attend an event hosted on Confetti — and how Confetti keeps information private. In a global events climate, it’s critical to have data privacy information easily accessible. Additionally, Confetti helps event organizers create a custom landing page with details about the event, its schedule and how to register — a one-stop-shop for attendees to learn more.

Cons: Without experiencing a Confetti event firsthand, there are no online resources explaining the attendee journey. Help videos on YouTube are geared towards event organizers inviting attendees, but they do not address questions such as:

  • Where do I go for support?
  • What platforms or operating systems are supported?
  • What happens if I missed the first part of a talk - can I rewind or pause?
  • How will I connect with speakers or other attendees?
  • If I’m just an attendee, will I need to be on camera/mic?

These are common questions that attendees ask event organizers and about the platform itself. Without clear guidance on what an attendee can expect, organizers will need to field questions to ease attendees’ minds on how to connect in the virtual platform.

Rating: 1/5

Speaker Experience

Pros: In presentation mode, the Confetti platform is relatively straightforward, so it’s highly likely that if a speaker has presented on one of the larger platforms like Bizzabo or vFairs, the Confetti process should be along the same lines. Speaker headshots, bios and social contact information is displayed alongside their talk information both on the platform and on the custom, public landing page. If an event organizer chooses, they can enable an image gallery where speakers can upload additional photos or resources for attendees to check out in preparation for a talk.

Cons: Similar to the attendee experience, there are no online resources geared towards speakers and their presentation roles as it pertains to the platform. Common questions are left unanswered by the platform, such as:

  • Do I need to download any software to present my talk?
  • How do I interact with attendees during the presentation?
  • Where do I see questions that attendees ask?
  • Is there a dedicated person who will help me during my presentation to ensure it goes smoothly?
  • How can I engage and/or chat with attendees after my presentation?

The stress of not knowing how a new platform works, and not knowing how they will give a presentation, can send speakers into a panic spiral. There are no clear answers from the platform — or even previous speakers posting on social media — to reference and help speakers avoid common mistakes. Relaying this information is put solely on the backs of event organizers.

Rating: 1/5

Sponsor Experience

Pros: While attendee data is heavily protected by security compliance, there are other ways for sponsors to promote their brands. Confetti offers a sponsor block in-platform that can be customized with logos, link(s), descriptions and more based on the sponsors’ goals. Additionally, sponsors can be featured in a cover video on the public event landing page that encourages registrations. A cover video is a great way for sponsors to be front and center, whether people register for an event or not.

Cons: Other than adding a logo to the landing page and/or collateral created by event organizers, there are no additional branding opportunities within Confetti. Additionally, there are no simple solutions for connecting sponsors with attendees or speakers. Because the chat feature is still in beta, at this time, event organizers are unable to use text features to promote sponsors or branding opportunities.

Rating: 1/5

Our Opinion

Confetti has been around since 2013, but the platform needs updating to better support today’s virtual event market. While the pricing and feature transparency is a plus for event organizers, the platform is lacking in training and support for anyone outside the organizer bubble.

Key takeaways:

  • Confetti’s social presence and customer reviews are non-existent, so it’s hard to assess what people really think of the platform.
  • The free trail is a great way for people to test out the platform and see what it’s all about, but the “free” features are extremely limited.
  • While there are several answers in Confetti’s Help Center, there are no answers directed at attendees, speakers or sponsors.
  • The organization and experience with the platform are geared almost exclusively towards organizers and not those who will be attending, speaking at or supporting the event(s).

Confetti is a good fit for…
Event Size: >100
Event Type(s): Meetups, Live streams, Poster sessions, informal gatherings


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