Best Hardware for Optimum Audio/Video Quality

The foundation to any successful event is the quality of the audio and video (a.k.a. “A/V”) elements that attendees experience, especially since most people only remember the ones that failed. The speaker was too quiet, the video was low quality, there were too many connection issues, or the talk didn’t happen altogether.  One simple yet important thing to do is just making sure you have the right equipment to record and broadcast your talks. Here are some equipment options:


  • In terms of cameras and providing a high-resolution video, the Logitech Brio is the clear winner. This is a great 4k camera with a handful of useful features like 5x zoom, and compensation for low light environments.
  •  If you are looking for something more basic, a great all around webcam for under $100, the Logitech C925-e is your best bet.


No camera can perform without great lighting, even a cheap camera can look better than an expensive one if you have the right lighting. One of the top suggestions, and most cost-effective, is ensuring adequate lighting in the room you will be recording from. You’ll want all of your features to be easily visible, with even lighting across your face. If you’re looking to update some fixtures and create the most inviting environment with your lights, check out this article from Elle Decor on some of their best design tips.

Extra lighting accessories

If you’re looking to add new hardware and live out your YouTuber dream, here are 3 options to consider:

  • For an inexpensive solution to add to your laptop, a simple clip-on ring light (sometimes called a selfie light) can do the trick. 
  • If you have the extra room in your office, a Softbox Light Kit will provide a natural daylight hue and is adjustable to optimize the lighting in your space.
  • If you’re looking to go all out, spring for the Green Screen Kit, which includes softboxes, umbrellas, and a very large green screen you can use for virtual backgrounds.


With regards to microphones, you have a couple options:

Pro tip: Avoid using earbuds or AirPods, as those microphones tend to produce a tinny, lower-quality sound. Your built-in computer speakers and microphones are almost always a better solution if you’re not able to purchase new hardware.

Once you have all your equipment and are  satisfied with your set-up, it's time to put it to use. Head on over to this post to learn all about optimizing you A/V settings for optimal performance.

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