We ProvideFull Service

We want you to focus on putting together an interesting schedule with inspiring speakers, and engaging with your communities.
We will do the rest.

Event Consulting
  • Review of the schedule and overall plan for a successful, highly engaging virtual event
  • Content strategy for optimal virtual engagement (polls, canned content, etc)
  • Digital asset consultation & optimization
  • Promotion strategy review (email cadence and templates)
Content Setup
  • LoudSwarm site setup with schedule, talks, talk abstracts, speakers, speaker bios, stream URLs and stream key, Face2Face virtual meeting rooms
  • Setup of the intermission slideshow with music
  • Setup of the placeholder images (“Coming soon”, “In Post production”)
  • Setup of the banner ads (one per session)
  • Setup of Slido account
  • Setup of video backend
People Coordination
  • Management of project deadlines
  • Coordination with video production team
  • Training of moderators
  • Guidelines to speakers
  • Event Rehearsal
Attendee Onboarding
  • Export of data from registration system
  • Data mapping
  • Batch upload of registered users into LoudSwarm
  • Manual addition of late registered users
Video Production
  • Scheduling of pre-recorded channel content
  • Upload of pre-recorded content
  • Video switching
  • Upload of rough cut videos
  • Upload of fully processed videos
Live Event Support
  • Manual addition of late registered users
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Answering questions
  • Coordinating activities with organizers
  • Post event report of attendee login data and video minutes watched and unique viewers per stream


Our pricing is simple. It is composed of 2 elements: a White Glove Service fee and a User License fee.

  • White Glove Service: $4,750/day
  • User License: $10 per user and per event (min $2,000)

To give you an idea of the LoudSwarm pricing, here are 3 sample events:

One-Day Event

500 attendees
  • 9am-5pm
  • 1 track
  • 4 live speakers
  • 4 recorded videos
  • 500 attendees

White Glove service $4,750
User license $5,000
Grand total $9,750
Cost per user/day $19.50

Two-Day Event

1,000 attendees
  • 9am-5pm (2 days)
  • 3 tracks
  • 24 live speakers
  • 24 recorded videos
  • 1,000 attendees

White Glove service $9,500
User license $10,000
Grand total $19,500
Cost per user/day $9.75

Three-Day Event

3,000 attendees
  • 9am-5pm (3 days)
  • 5 tracks
  • 60 live speakers
  • 60 recorded videos
  • 3,000 attendees

White Glove service $14,250
User license $30,000
Grand total $44,250
Cost per user/day $4.92