Why It Makes Sense to Choose a White-Glove Service for your Virtual Event

There are countless unknowns when organizing a virtual event or conference. The process can be quite daunting if you aren’t a full-time professional event organizer. That’s why LoudSwarm isn’t a self-service platform; we offer a white-glove service for each event, which means we will support you from the planning stages to the post-event meetings. Here’s why it makes sense to get help to organize your next virtual event:

1. Planning

Your LoudSwarm experience will start with a Kickoff Meeting to cover introductions, answer questions and address custom needs. We’ll confirm the details (date, time, timezone, and much more) to ensure everyone is on the same page and has a clear idea of how the next steps in the process will flow. During the subsequent Planning Sessions, you’ll get a comprehensive list of items to put together, a suggested timeline, and various pro tips to run a successful virtual event.

We will also invite you to connect your organization to ours via Slack so we can optimize collaboration. Using Slack will streamline questions and answers and allow both parties to get quick updates in real time.

2. Training

We’ve hosted a fair share of events, and we wanted to share our experiences with you. In addition to using LoudSwarm as your platform, our team has compiled a Best Practices Guide with pro tips to provide the most value to your virtual event. The guide includes key topics like how to set up Slack for your event, suggestions for the event schedule and content, sponsorship advice, realistic timelines, etc.

We will also schedule time for training your staff members, session chairs and video producers on how to best use the platform, coordinate with speakers and interact with sponsors.

3. Your Hive

Our goal is to provide you and your team with plenty of time to familiarize yourselves with the platform, review the content, make tweaks and ask questions. We want you to be able to answer just about any question your attendees may have since you are responsible for Level 1 support.

To this end, we will set up your “Hive” - your dedicated online repository of web assets, including logos, virtual backgrounds, speaker headshots, banner ads, etc. We will use the assets in your Hive to set up your LoudSwarm site. The sooner we’re able to gather the logos, banners, abstracts, schedule etc. from your team, the sooner your site will go up.

4. Live Event Support

Your checklist is complete, you’ve got your organizers and speakers in place, attendees are excited - your event is going live! You will want to be able to focus on providing an outstanding experience to your attendees. To this end, we will take stress off your mind by providing Level 2 technical support from start to finish. We’ll be just a Slack message away if you need help answering questions about LoudSwarm and how to use the platform.

In parallel, we will have a full-time video producer supervise the streaming of all talks and video assets during the event. We will manage intermission videos and upload rough cut recordings. After the event is over and you have had a chance to produce final videos with bumpers and lower thirds, we will replace the initial recording with the new processed files.

5. Event Transformer

After your event is over - and you’ve had a second to breathe - our team will schedule an Event Transformer meeting with your team. This is a great time to discuss what worked well, what could be improved and what you may want to do differently next time. Sometimes the most obvious items/notes don’t occur until after the event, so our team wants to make sure we’re able to continually improve on your organizer and attendee experience when using LoudSwam.

We want your event to be a great success, and we are happy to provide guidance and assistance to make that happen. If you or your team are looking to organize a virtual event, drop us a note below and our support staff will schedule a demo!

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